Insulation stripper or stripper

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I am satisfied. The package is traditionally yellow, The seam at the bottom of the gimbal may seem redundant, but it adds functionality. Weight by the way 335 gr.
A few macro photos. Useful in the household, in the garage. I first read about strippers of this design on mysku - I came across several reviews, but I decided to buy it only when a big repair appeared on the horizon. Quite convenient. You can adjust the length of the sheath to be removed within 10 mm or remove it without restrictions anywhere in the wire. Plastic part of the limiter for the length of the removable sheath of the wire.
The function of crimping terminals and cutting wires is additionally implemented.
Slightly primitive design, but working. A must-have tool for household needs.

The pliers themselves are metal, but there are plastic linings on the handles. And in general, this purchase was quite consistent with my plans for arranging the workshop.
Plastic pads have a textured surface.
The rear part with moving parts and a spring is covered with pads.

Insulation stripper or stripper

Insulation stripper or stripper
General view
In hand. Because when the pliers are not used, you can carry different tools, hardware in it. The applicability test was carried out on a small variety of wires found in the house and garage.
The puller is wrapped in bubble wrap.
Naughty pressure adjustment screw when working https://tonaton.co.ke/s_141-tire-installation-services with thin wires.
Allows you to work with wires up https://jiji.ng/aba-north/cars/ford-mustang to 8 mm thick and 14 mm wide (jaw width).
Look without overlays. In early models, the sponges, like the handles, were powdered steel.
The stripper is a three-hinged, lever hand tool designed for stripping electrical wires https://tonaton.co.ke/s_254-anti-snoring-tools.
The stripper jaws are made of cast steel and are equipped with teeth for fixing the wire when stripping. You can see how the test went in the short video below.

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