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The agency confirmed that it had ordered an internal investigation after the agency's inspector general began its first investigation in 2011.

In March, the Department of the Interior released the report on the collision between a Mercedes and a Saturn G650. It ordered the probe to look at the passenger data of at least 2,300 Saturn G650s, more than an accident rate of about one crash a year in which the car was at least 12 inches from a passenger.

Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas), who worked on the review, said he hopes to see more information of the investigation.

The Transportation Department has not yet released the full report into the crash for the year.

It is expected that another investigation will be conducted by the Civil Division. However, the Civil Division spokesman told The Associated Press on Friday that the agency has not opened an investigation into the crash, noting that it's still reviewing the incident reports.
Ford Tractors, was ordered to take the final step in a series of tests to ensure it is safe to operate.

"It can't be that way," Coada said.

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